These next two lessons on time will require mental rigor and self-discipline to complete. They will be the most time-consuming lessons this quarter. Mastering time is critical to increase production, because your time plan will become the map to guide you to greater success. Without a map it's easy to wander in a wilderness of mediocrity - but those days are over right now. Here are the time principles we will explore and utilize in this lesson.

1. There is only now.

2. Knowing your Time Traps

3. Escaping Time Traps by using the Four D's

4. If it's not scheduled, it won't get done.

5. There are four events that make you money.

6. Doing daily planning to focus on closing the gap between your IDEAL work week and your  ACTUAL work week.


1. There is only now -

Success only happens in one time frame. It is the only one that is real - The Now. In reality, there is no future - it is a projected fantasy we have in the moment called now. There is also no past - it is a memory being had right now. The first lesson is learning to be present in the here and now. It is the only moment in which success can occur! Every work day will require us to have an action plan created the day before. This puts you ahead of the vast majority of advisors, and will give you a definitive track to run on.  Many "opportunities" may look good at the time, but are actually distracting us from a desired outcome. Other times, unforeseen challenges may arise allowing us to become distracted. The key is to learn how to handle everything in the NOW. Its all that matters and all that exists.

2. Know your Time Traps -

Time Traps ensnare producers into downward production cycles without even realizing it. When a seemingly big opportunity arises, most producers drop everything. This may actually throw them off balance and distract them away from their core competency. When a big challenge arises, the same habitual tendency occurs. Not only are big opportunities and unforeseen challenges Time Traps, but so are things like: the Internet, smart phones, leaving an open office door, a messy desk/office, a needy client or assistant, email, Facebook or even watching TV to track the stock market. We are all guilty of falling into these Time Traps once in a while, but when we become aware of it, we are able to distinguish which ones affect us personally - allowing us to make a conscious decision to change.

3. Escape Time Traps by using the Four D's:

  1. DO it now.

  2. DECIDE when to do it and schedule it now

  3. DELEGATE it now.

  4. DUMP it now


4. If it's not scheduled it won't get done -

It is a psychological fact that we can only hold five things in our short-term memory. Given the myriad number of tasks we do, it is crucial to realize when a new task arises so we can instantly systematize it, or else it most likely will be lost in the shuffle. The four D's address this fact. However, the next layer is to get into the habit of immediately blocking out the time to schedule these tasks. Let's say that a challenge or opportunity came up, and you chose  number two and"decide when to do it and schedule it now." Immediately go to your calendar and block out more than enough time to do the task. It is better to have the extra time and not need it, than to need extra time and not have it. The stress you save by doing this is immeasurably important to increased production and productivity.

5. There are four events that make you money -

Time management is event management. There are four events that must be done continuously in order to be profitable in the financial service industry:

1.       Every night you must make tomorrow's plan by focusing on closing the gap between your ideal and actual week

2.       Create value for clients

3.       Plant referral seeds to reap new clients

4.       Call new clients to begin the enrollment process. The Event Continuum below displays a powerful, systematical cycle that is essential to understand and master in order to obtain more, well-qualified clients:

Master these four events, and create favorable conditions for your greatest business year ever!