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Coaching Program

Soul Purpose Toolkit (Advanced)

If you buy this course, you are receiving $6000 worth of coaching as if you hired your own personal soul purpose mentor. You are not only receiving all the books and information from the basic toolkit, but you're also getting the online course- which if you're willing to work diligently will accelerate your ability to not only discover your soul purpose but to deliver it in a way that increases your personal abundance.

Another key feature is taking the MindScan, which will show us where you are stuck in your cognitive biases and scarcity belief systems. You will also get a free coaching call with a live coach who will review the MindScan with you make recommendations on what can be done to enhance your life and your work.
  • Thanks and welcome!
  • MindScan Assessment
  • Schedule your mindscan review
  • Soul Purpose Discovery Test
  • Prosperity Mindset Metric
  • Section 1
  • Hard/Easy audio
  • Hard/Easy reading
  • The One-Degree Shift exercise
  • Section 2
  • Proactive vs Reactive audio
  • Proactive vs Reactive reading
  • Proactive vs Reactive exercise
  • Section 3
  • Personal Responsibility audio
  • Personal Responsibility reading
  • Analyzing Past Responses and Taking Responsibility
  • Section 4
  • Put your Goals in Writing audio
  • Put Your Goals in Writing reading
  • Set and Write Down your Goals
  • Section 5
  • Properly Plan or Plan on Failing audio
  • Properly Plan or Plan on Failing reading
  • Ideal Week exercise
  • Mastering Time Calendar
  • Section 6
  • Producers Keep Score audio
  • Producers Keep Score reading
  • Keeping Score exercise
  • Scorecard
  • Section 7
  • Power with Purpose Increases Production audio
  • Power with Purpose Increases Production reading
  • Discovering Your Soul Purpose exercise
  • Section 8
  • People are Assets audio
  • People are Assets reading
  • Practicing APRIL exercise
  • Section 9
  • Partner with Another Person audio
  • Partner with Another Person reading
  • Identify Your Accountability Partner(s)
  • Section 10
  • Profit Follows Value audio
  • Profit Follows Value reading
  • Focus on the Value
  • Section 11
  • Produce More Value than you Consume audio
  • Produce More Value than you Consume reading
  • Search for an Opportunity to Give
  • Section 12
  • Progress, not Perfection audio
  • Progress, not Perfection reading
  • Recontextualize Your Failures
  • Section 13
  • Completion and Co-Creation audio
  • Completion and Co-creation reading
  • Completion and Co-creation exercise
  • Section 14
  • Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever