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New Year Reboot

After helping people achieve their goals for over 30 years, we took the best tools and put them together into this package designed to help you achieve your ideal year. There are three modules and the first module is "Completion and Co-Creation." One of the biggest hidden barriers to getting off to a successful start to the new year happens when people don't complete the previous year. Module one helps you complete any unfinished business from last year and helps you ask the right questions of yourself to visualize goal achievement in the new year. Once it's visualized, module two takes you through a unique goal setting exercise that helps you find the sweet spot between too much or too big a goal and not enough, which is a goal that won't really fulfill what you truly want. This is done over every life area that most people find important. Finally, we end with module three which helps you map out every day of the year into quarterly, weekly, and daily increments so you know what needs to be done each and every day to maximize your life success.
  • Welcome!
  • Part 1
  • Completion and Cocreation Worksheet
  • Completion and Co-Creation sample
  • Part 2
  • Goal Setting Exercise
  • Goal Setting Masterclass
  • Part 3
  • Mastering Time
  • Exercise Tutorial
  • Mastering Time Exercise
  • Mastering Time reading
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed